Lectuur over Polariteitstherapie

  • Equilibrer l’énergie vitale par la Polarité, Franklyn Sills, Chiron Difffusion, Le Soufle d’Or, France
  • The Polarity Process, Energy as a Healing Art, Franklyn Sills, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley California
  • L’Energie, La Polarité vitale dans l’art curatif, Randolph Stone, Editions de Montagne
  • Thérapie de la polarité, l’autopolarité, Michelle Guay, Editions de Montagne
  • Polarity Therapy, The Complete Collected Works on this Revolutionary Healing Art by the Originator of the System, Dr. Randolph Stone, D.C., D.O. , CRCS Wellness Books, Book Publishing CO, (two volumes)

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